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In Dinex we look in-depth at what it takes to attract and retain international talents. Recruiting and retaining of international employees require more of a company than it does if an employee is brought from the local area.


...all over the world. Our specialists are key to Dinex and the growth journey that are organized in our next 3 years strategy plan Shaping The Future. Therefore, it was decided that the Talent Program 2020 should focus on specialists. Thanks to all the nominees and congratulations to the final winners.


Exceptional colleagues from across Dinex Group have been recognized for making a difference by living the 5 Dinex Values, making the workplace a great place to be, helping, and always being ready to go the extra mile. This is the fifth year that the Dinex Group is running the Colleague of the Year.

Dinex Aftermarket Logistic Services


The Dinex philosophy is ”EASY TO DO BUSINESS WITH”!! And the new logistic setups through our webshop is no exception, benefitting our European customers with Pick-up, Express and Weekly delivery services.

Dinex CSO newsletter


Despite COVID-19 we kept on introducing new market leading Euro 6 and EPA exhaust parts all the way through 2020 for both the European and North American aftermarket - along with our extended 3 year warranty. With 2021 we are looking forward to yet another year of full speed ahead, and to expand our service level and portfolio for an even greater partnership with our customers.

The turbo is adjusted to HIGH-SPEED mode!


Dinex gears up by bringing in a new VP of sales for North- & South America as part of the new “Shaping the Future” strategy. Dinex US strengthens the aftermarket sales organization with more power and further develop the position as the NO. 1 supplier of exhaust spare parts in North America.


Exhaust gas that are over 800°C is a challenge to handle, but that’s just one of the requirements for a modern Natural Gas Emission Aftertreatment System. Learn more about how Dinex is utilizing their full system capabilities to help Iveco building Euro VI-E compliant LNG trucks that brings huge environmental and climate benefits – and TCO advantages to the end customers.


Dinex footprint in the off road sector dates back to the days. From then to now, two interim stages, arrival of stage IV and the interim (IV f) have all seen Dinex products evolve with the times, growing, expanding and reaching new levels of complexity. A key element in that journey has been the close partnership developed and established with KOHLER.


Let us show you the emission simulation capabilities of Dinex. Take a ride with us into the world of catalyst chemistry and how emission simulation is shaping the way our products are developed.


Find out in this first episode of the Dinex Emission Mythbuster-series, and let our team of experts share a lesson on why Euro 6 trucks since 2013 has been much cleaner than you would think – both in the labs, AND on the roads!


Dinex supports the Clean Air Vision – a joint initiative with the Danish EPA (Miljøministeriet), the Danish Environmental Technology Association (Dansk Miljøteknologi), and the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI - Dansk Industri) among others, in front – promoting innovative solutions for improving air quality.


Looking beyond the tail pipe, let’s dig into the big climate calculations and determine whether combustion engines really are a part of the problem – or a part of the solution?



2020 Annual results

14-18. September

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Automechanika - Frankfurt, Germany


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IAA - Hannover, Germany