Pipe Treatment Systems

Dinex develops and manufactures complete pipe treatment systems. We have decades of experience and know-how, which enable us to offer cost-efficient solutions of the highest quality

Exhaust pipes

At Dinex, we consider the exhaust system as a high technology system, which provide a safe exhaust path between the turbo and the after-treatment system. The ATS system requires high temperatures in order to provide the right emission levels according to the standards that have pushed the demand for higher technology solutions.

Exhaust pipes can be manufactured in both ferritic and austenitic stainless steel suitable for both diesel and gas engines. Dinex’ tool package allows the pipe dimensions to be specified between Ø38 to Ø152,4.

Our insulated exhaust pipes ensure efficient temperature handling with low leakage connections, which allows easy installation.

The Dinex quality standards, IATF 16949 certification and longtime proven experience in the OE market ensures stable development process, on-time SOP and excellent quality levels.

With our flexible and cost-optimised exhaust pipe solutions and our ability to deliver everything from turbo to tail pipe, Dinex is your preferred partner for full system integration.

With almost 40 years

of experience, Dinex is the preferred technology partner

for OEM heavy industry.

Decoupling Elements

A decoupling element absorbs vibrations between the engine and the exhaust system and compensates installation tolerances and heat expansions.

The main characteristics of our decoupling elements are

  • Excellent durability

  • Robust against pressure impact and mechanical stress
  • Excellent absorption of axial, lateral and torsional movements
  • Enhanced gas-tightness and flexibility

Product specifications

  • Inside diameter range: 51,5 – 205,0 mm
  • Material types: 1.4301 (AISI 304), 1.4828 (AISI 309), 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti)

Dinex' in-house production supplies customised elements for all ranges of applications within the exhaust technology. Dinex uses and integrates the highest quality of interlock flex pipes available on the market in D2S, D2S+, D3S and DC3S design as well as bellows.

D2S: Standard Design

  • Standard movement compensation
  • Standard flexibility and leakage rate

D2S+: Advanced Technology

  • Reduced leakage rate
  • Enhanced torsional and axial movement
  • Improved flexibility
  • 20% less weight

D3S: Top Technology

  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Improved gas- tightness by adding inside layer
  • Excellent torsional movement
  • Enhanced durability

DC3S: Top Technology
​​​​​​​for special applications

  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Improved gas- tightness by adding inside layer
  • Excellent torsional movement
  • Enhanced durability
  • Air-gap insulation and Noise reduction


Dinex’ insulation techniques allow the use of different insulation matts in different thickness depending on the actual demand to fulfil the temperature requirements for both diesel and gas applications.

Dinex has a wide range of both E-Glass, silicate and Aerogel solutions available. These solutions can be mixed for cost optimisation on the specific application.

The stainless-steel cover protects the insulation matt from water and stone chipping. Preforming of these foil parts ensure perfect fit on the insulated pipe and can be manufactured in different thickness.

The foil parts are preformed to fit together, which allows easy mounting around brackets and sensor boss etc.

The solution is designed to maintain the temperature inside the pipe, while at the same time ensuring that high pressure water cleaning can take place as a part of the normal work routines for truck owners.

The foil thickness can be variated depending on placement and risk of stone chipping, and this way cost optimize the complete exhaust pipe system.