We are a Danish company with a history dating back to 1982.

That year, a strong entrepreneurial passion, combined with an eye for spotting market potentials, gave Jørgen Dinesen and his wife Grethe the simple idea behind Dinex: Spare part exhaust systems for heavy duty vehicles, produced in-house, offered in the most comprehensive catalogue in the market and distributed through regional warehouses within 24 hours of ordering.

Not many people believed in the project when Jørgen and his staff of 7 people rented a backroom in the city of Middelfart in Denmark to ramp up production. But by the mid-1990s, Dinex had deeply disrupted the European heavy-duty aftermarket by giving the customers something that they had needed for a long time – agility, quality, partnership and a competitive, price-attractive one-stop-shop concept.

At the same time, the visionary and dedicated spirit of Jørgen and Grethe, as well as their inbound confidence in the people around them, nurtured an organization with a strong sense of empowerment to try new ideas, to take on more responsibility and to be human beings at the same time.

Torben Dinesen, the oldest son of Jørgen and Grethe, took over the role as CEO in 2000 and has since then driven Dinex forward based on the same values as established back in the 80’s.

Today, Dinex is a global company, serving both the aftermarket and OEMs with innovative exhaust and emission solutions. We are more than 2.000 people, serving hundreds of customers on three continents – ranging from local spare part distributors to market-leading OEMs.

The technologies we develop and produce enable our customers to comply with the most stringent emission standards, and we are constantly ready to push new boundaries. We take pride in what we do and in the way we do it, just as we believe in the value it brings to our customers, to our planet and to our employees.

At Dinex, we are always going the extra mile.