Urea Mixers: Excellent balance between achieving space envelope and performance

SCR systems need ammonia for the reduction of NOx emissions. An urea-water solution, which is evaporated and decomposed into ammonia in the mixer, is commonly used.

Dinex Urea - DEF - AdBlue Mixer

Key for the performance of a mixer is providing a good NH3 distribution on the SCR catalyst inlet face while minimising the risk of urea deposits. The evaporation of urea-water solution is time consuming and typically requires much space. The quality of the urea-water solution spray has a large influence on the evaporation time. As a result, creating a compact mixing system is substantial challenge.

Dinex’s mixers are developed using extensive computational fluid dynamics simulations for gauging the performance parameters, results are backed up by engine dyno and field testing. Patented core technologies are tailored to fit typically encountered vehicle lay-outs and dosing systems.

In short: Our Dinex mixers are an optimal compromise between necessary space envelope and performance.